The Cast



The founder the Silver Spoon Theatre™, Ian Oldman (Richard M. Halverson) is a successful British theatrical thespian trained in both poetic and practical methods to fully express life on stage via acting, directing, writing, performing, and teaching.

Trained at the internationally renowned Berwick-upon-Tweed Performing Arts Centre, he received his first of many theatrical awards for his impactful stage craft at the tender age of eight years. In keeping with his mantra that all life is a stage, he writes, directs, produces, and acts in annual plays celebrated by critics for their “movement of life”, “never-ending curiosity”, “enhanced lighting tactics” and “vibrant costumes.”


In an effort to better the Houston region and provide one-of-a-kind dramatic endeavors, he founded Silver Spoon Theatre™, the ultimate party entertainment provider. Beyond the world of theatre, Oldman’s creative genius can be seen in his upcoming reality TV series which is now being filmed!


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Rachel Miller (yet to be cast) is the co-founder of the Silver Spoon Theatre. Outside of being the ultimate business woman, she can be counted on to act as a Princess if an event calls for it–or if either of her two children clamor for a night of dress-up. A libertarian, she endorses a rebel strike that prompts her to never conform to the “average” and while alway setting very high standards. She and her husband of twelve years, Daniel, are very much in love, and both are active in their church where they host a video game home group.


Daniel Miller (yet to be cast) is a medical researcher by day, and an as needed Prince by weekend. Married to Rachel Miller, he does playacting as a creative way to be with his wife and to relax from his work. As a father, he enjoys being with his kids, and has no problem beating their little asses when playing Mario Kart.

Well liked by all whom he encounters, he adores throwing Latin terms into everyday conversation, as well as writing and composing songs–all in Latin. Unexpectedly, he is talented at playing Surgeon Simulator video game.


Erin Smith (Taunie Reddington). With her face always obscured by a camera, no one ever completely sees the features of this very witty female who has no problem chiming with a voice of reason. A meme enthusiast, she can quote from all the top trending memes from the beginning of internet history.

On the crew of the Silver Spoon Theatre ‘reality show’, she is very capable team member of whom fellow University of Houston digital media students call “an old soul trapped in a young body”. Outside of producing quality camera work, she makes a mean cup of coffee and knows where all the good cafes are located.


Taunie Reddington is a Digital Media graduate from the University of Houston. She has worked professionally in Boston, Los Angeles, and Houston in many facets of production, from industrial video to feature films. Taunie started with an emphasis in post-production but has gathered experience in all stages of video production including set design, camera operation, directing, and producing.



Roger Stringer (yet to be cast) is a straight, tobacco pipe-smoking ex-marine with a love of guns–which makes him a highly unlikely costume designer. But that he is! He wields his creative influence from his wheelchair via a quiet personality that embraces a warped sense of humor, an example being that everyone thinks his leg was blown off in military action, but in reality it was due to a freak accident involving a cockfight and blood infection.

A creator who carved his own wooden leg, he enjoys working alone for long periods. He is also known for describing his plans for a forthcoming costume by using military terms.



Martha Ortega (yet to be cast) was born and raised in Mexico. Now a proud American citizen, she is a peppy soul who loves all things girly–make up being number-one. A make-up artist extraordinaire, she is also a mother to five grown children and grandmother to fourteen grandkids. When family gets together, she is the life of the party who loves flirting with any male in her radius.

She adores watching Telemundos and there can never be enough pink surrounding her



Lee Cheng (Kevin Wu) is an utterly serious soul who considers himself to be the ultimate cinematographer with a passion for filming on a Red Dragon camera. In general, he over complicates every shot by trying to use slower-moving film tactics instead of a fast-paced TV shooting style.

An eccentric personality, he loves to wear black, argue with all and sundry, and pick fights with anyone who dares ask if he does martial art stunts.

Just so you are aware, he hates action, romance, animated, and comedy movies. Movies are made for DRAMA. He also hates cats, dogs, and pretty much any animal, except…fish.


Kevin Wu is a YouTube star, (KevJumba), with 2.8 million subscribers. He enjoys creating comedy sketches and original songs. He is currently working on stage and live event productions in addition to exploring film making.




1st Season Sweetheart (yet to be cast). This actress changes every season at the whim of Ian Oldman and his every changing romantic notions, but the general character remains the same. Whatever it takes, she is willing to bed, lie, and manipulate her way up the actress food-chain. Oldman hooks up with a new one every single season.

A lovely manipulator, she hides her true self from others while putting a lot of effort in physical appearance. Cunning and deceptive, she adores the camera and is a selfie expert.