The Creator


Silver Spoon Theatre™ was created by KYS REALM, (Karen Snyder, MFA). A transmedia producer with over 12 years of experience in developing and creating multi-media projects, she is teaching transmedia as an Lecturer of Digital Media at the University of Houston.

As KYS REALM, she is the creator of the world’s first transmedia romance series, The Elements Club®. One of only a hand-full of female video game producers focused on the casual game space, she created and launched The Elements Club: Unity Match® video game.

She was spoken at and led panels at GamesBeat and SXSW in regards to full-motion video game development and transmedia.

The co-founder of  Kazap Company, a transmedia production studio, as well as CEO of  Trans / Seven Studio, she is focused on developing transmedia projects that envelope full-motion video games, video production, and mobile technology.

To galvanize government officials to increase creative technology jobs and the media industry in the Houston region, she is curating the Gamers of Houston advocacy initiative.

Under the University of Houston’s Digital Media program, she developed and teaches the world’s first Transmedia Marketing certificate program.

She secured her Masters of Media Design, MFA as valedictorian from Full Sail University, and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Business Administration from Capella University.


Greetings! This project was birthed from a dream I had in July, 2016 (seriously). In the depths of sleep, I was swept up into the story of a struggling British actor based in Houston (and hating it), who desperately sought to be a success before teetering off into old age. In his effort at grabbing for fame, he hires University of Houston Digital Media students to create a reality YouTube series to promote his event party company, Silver Spoon Theatre™.

Upon waking, I placed the dream in the “crazy epic idea” category and moved on with life.

However, the concept nagged at me–especially when I kept hearing from real University of Houston Digital Media students about their dreams to work in media and entertainment and how they would have to move out of state to do it. Then there were other insights that I encountered such as the need to build out local enterprise, the need to develop tourism, and the need to rebrand this region so that people are aware of all that it offers.

Could a dream become reality and with it effect real-world change? That is the question. The goals of this transmedia series are to see a real media industry built out in this area so that students can stay here. And as real people, places and locations are featured in the show, businesses are built out. And as companies are built out, the world can see what the Houston region has to offer. This set of goals can only come about if they are embraced by individuals, companies, and organizations who support the concept. 

I encourage you to review the team, the storyline premise, and the corporate sponsorship opportunities to see if your story can fit inside this fictional narrative. Thus, collectively, we make storytelling history.