The Producers


Silver Spoon Theatre was created by KYS REALM, (Karen Snyder, MFA). A transmedia producer with over 12 years of experience in developing and creating multi-media projects, she ise teaching transmedia as an Lecturer of Digital Media at the University of Houston.

As KYS REALM, she is the creator of the world’s first transmedia romance series, The Elements Club®. One of only a hand-full of female video game producers focused on the casual game space, she created and launched The Elements Club: Unity Match® video game.

She was spoken at and led panels at GamesBeat and SXSW in regards to full-motion video game development and transmedia.

The co-founder of  Kazap Company, a transmedia production studio, as well as CEO of  Trans / Seven Studio, she is focused on developing transmedia projects that envelope full-motion video games, video production, and mobile technology.

She secured her Masters of Media Design, MFA as valedictorian from Full Sail University, and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Business Administration from Capella University.



Jon Lindgren is 20-year broadcast producer, an award-winning filmmaker, director, and a successful creative marketing executive. He founded ViaMedia, an advertising agency and video production company, in 1995. He has garnered industry awards for his creative accomplishments including a 2005 Tribeca Short Film Festival for his short film, An Everyday Hero, won first place.

He has a proven track-record of mixing entertainment with education to increase viewership. He has received special recognition for broadcast education from a FOX affiliate station for producing over 100 educational vignettes geared toward children 6 to 12 years of age. His program received a local 20 rating and 2nd in national ratings for weekday afternoons. His clients have included the national networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, A&E, ESPN, Fox Southwest Sports, PBS and The Discovery Channel.

For Sportsmen and Versus Channel, Jon produced, directed and shoot a pilot reality series, Fair Game, that went on to become a seven season award-winning success.

In 2015, he founded Recovery Network & Broadcast Systems, a patient education platform that is an internal broadcast system for hospitals that empowers patients for better recovery.



Phil Snyder is the former voice actor of Disney’s Jiminy Cricket, and a Writer, Director, and Educator, MFA.

Phil is a successful voice-over actor. He was the official voice of the classic Disney character, “Jiminy Cricket,” and Mattel Toys’ widely popular “Stinky the Garbage Truck.” His characters are also heard on the likes of WB Network’s “Pinky & the Brain,” Columbia TriStar’s “The Wind in the Willows” as Mr. Toad, and “Ronald McDonald’s Wacky Adventures” series. His voice is heard on numerous TV & radio commercials and interactive games.

As a standup comedian Phil headlined at some of the most famous comedy venues in Los Angeles, including The Comedy Store. In terms of comedy writing, while in Los Angeles he was represented by Michael Van Dyke Agency.

Millions of Phil’s comedy ringtones have been sold by some of the major carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon.

In addition to all this, Phil is an accomplished artist, animator, producer and director. His “Numbers Multiply!” educational songs and animations have over 9.5 million views on YouTube.

Phil is currently the Instructional Assistant Professor of Digital Media at the University of Houston.