Silver Spoon Theatre is a family-friendly transmedia sitcom-reality series that is being locally produced. The series includes an on-demand TV showa gamified mobile app and live events.

This project is the first of its kind sitcom to mix a fictional cast with real people and places. Having your story be told within a fictional story world allows a real company or organization to be in on the joke, not the brunt of the joke. And with the fictional story flowing around your story, your company or organization is packaged in an entertaining content marketing vehicle that pulls the audience in rather than you having to push your message out.




EPISODES: For the first season we are focused on filming 12 half-hour episodes (22 minutes in length) with an additional 36 mini-episodes under four minutes in length for social media distribution (YouTube, Vimeo, etc).

FORMATE: Half-hour episodes will be edited to broadcast specs, filming at 4k.

DISTRIBUTION: National, with the series being distributed on-demand with Amazon, in addition to within the series mobile app. Mini episodes will be distributed via social media channels and within the mobile app.



For the first iteration of the Silver Spoon Theatre gamified mobile app, we are focused on gathering a reachable audience with whom we can engage with on a consistent basis.

DISTRIBUTION: Apple and Android.

TYPE OF APP: Wrapper hybrid app. Live internet connection required (due to streaming videos).

KEY FEATURES: Gamified app where the audience is rewarded for collecting digital silver spoons (found at sponsor locations), watching videos (both story and sponsor), passing along story updates to friends, and being a part of live events.

A mobile app sponsor can be featured in several ways including:

– Physical location featured in the digital “silver spoon hunt” in which people hunt down spoons found at a sponsors location.

– Sponsors digital location (generally a website) featured in the “silver spoon hunt” in which people hunt down spoons found at a sponsors location.

– Physical spoon that literally hangs within a physical space of a sponsors location where players can hunt down and take a selfie photo with the spoon.

– A 30 second sponsor video is unlocked by players at every location. The sponsor video can be a straight commercial, a pop-up quiz formate video (custom), or a Silver Spoon story addition in which a sponsor is engaging with the fictional cast (custom).

 Push notifications to the players for a specific event at the sponsors digital or physical location.



Every episode of Silver Spoon Theatre ends with a live event, one that we hope will feature real people and locations within the Houston region with a focus on the Fort Bend County area. We are looking for real people and organizations who would like to be featured in the series and who would sponsor an event. 

The event itself runs like any other. What is unique is that within the event we are filming our actors with scripted lines. The following are a list of proposed first season events what we hope to find sponsors for. However, if you have a great event that fits within our filming schedule and would like to be a sponsor, then we are open to changing out a proposed idea with another as long as it is family friendly.


A Fairy themed birthday party for a young girl


Knight themed Brit milah party


Space themed birthday party for a young boy


An Enchanted themed fund raiser for a non-profit


Princess themed birthday party for a young girl battling cancer


Pirate adventure father and son event


Prince themed Quinceañera


Magical wedding event


A Shakespearean drama holiday party


Sport themed party


Fight themed sales meeting event


Live Theatre play that is so horrible-it’s-good, featuring Ian Oldman (and his dog).



The fictional storyline follows the misadventures of Ian Oldman, a struggling British actor who considers himself the second coming of Shakespeare, and his efforts to build out an event company that seeks to add drama to every party.  The Silver Spoon Theatre series mixes a fictional cast with real people, places and locations in the Houston region with a concentration on the Fort Bend County area.



Why should you place your company in the series? Just as the reality TV show, Cake Boss, brought thousands of tourists to Hoboken, New Jersey to visit the show’s bakery, getting featured in Silver Spoon Theatre, a nationally distributed show, will allow a company or organization an instant platform to be seen and heard.

And just as the mobile video game Pokeman Go galvanized millions of players to visit locations they otherwise would not, Silver Spoon Theatre’s gamified app will allow your company or organization a way to encourage digital or physical visits as players hunt down digital silver spoons along with more story content.

And just as the web series Studio C has brought in thousands of fans to be part of filming on BYU campus, Silver Spoon Theatre’s live events allow your company or organization the ability to directly engage with a target market.



Outside of being an incredible entertainment project and marketing vehicle, this project has several real-world goals. The first is to create jobs. Real University of Houston Digital Media students will be hired to be part of the crew each season. Instead of going to Austin and Louisiana for film work, these students are eager to apply their talent right here in their home territory.

In addition, this project will allow us all to collectively brand this region nationally and internationally as people watch the show, play through the app, and be a part of live events. The series will develop tourism, and it will act as a catalyst project to seeing more transmedia production built out in this area.

We are seeking companies, organizations, and individuals who would like to be featured in Silver Spoon Theatre. From hosting a party at your company in which the Silver Spoon Theater cast literally add drama, to being a featured location in the gamified mobile app, to having an entire episode written around your company’s story, as a sponsor you have a range of pricing options and opportunities to fit your story into this fictional realm. 


Please contact us to set up a time to meet and review our corporate sponsorship packages.

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